The Art Logistics Management System (AIMS) is an integrated solution for the automation of the core processes of art logistics companies. With AIMS' history of sixteen years of proven usage, you will be delighted to have an out-of-the-box product to get you started straight away!


Generate quick estimates based on templates and third party estimates using established rates and discounts for services.


Workflow can be tracked from initiation to completion as it flows across departments.

Inventory Tracking

Artworks are inventoried using barcode labels. Inventory storage and container contents are tracked using mobile scanners.


Manage bookings, plan and dispatch for local transportation, shuttles, and international forwarding with full object tracking.


Define in detail the actual storage spaces in warehouse. Track inventory movement and apply rental changes based on occupancy.


Manage rental crates, client crates, contents, and pricing. Crate and contents are automatically tracked.

Conservation Service

Track for artwork status, damage, and condition reports. Bill for services rendered and capture time and material costs.


AIMS provides centralized control of invoice generation. Split or partial invoices and multi-party invoices can be generated.


A company designated system administrator controls all user's access and their roles.


Workflow, storage & rental, inventory, resource management, and dashboard summaries are available.

Mobile Solutions

Apps are available in iOS and Android to manage transportation, warehouse, crating, site services, and annotation services.

Report Server

Reports are automatically generated based on custom schedules and sent to the appropriate manager.

Fine Art Logistics Portal

Manage Projects for Fine Art Logistics

Scan this QR code to download the Portal App for android / ios

Manage Collection

Upload CSV files, images, audio, and video to manage collections. Export collection related data from the cloud.

Manage Projects

Create projects, select items, and capture expenses for projects like Travelling Exhibitions.

Request Estimate

Request estimates from registered third party service providers.

Track Objects

Define locations for currently stored objects.

Register as a Vendor

Portal is free for artists. They will be listed as preferred vendors and are able to post promotional announcements.


Portal is provided free to all Artists on a limited basis. This is made possible by our sponsors.

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